Board Minutes ’22-07

Friends of the Batavia Peace GardenMeeting July 6, 2022Friends of the Batavia Peace Garden6:00pm

Paula Savage, 8 Allenview Dr., Batavia, NY


Barb Toal                     Carol Grasso                Carolyn Epps               Dona
TiberioPaula Savage               Louise Wallace            Berneda Scoins            Dianna Bogue
Erica Frith

Meeting called to order by Pres. Barb Toal at 6:25pm


Correction on to be made:
The spelling of Doc. Mruczek, Sr. from last meeting minutes.

Erica paid $25.00 toward the purchase of a Peace Garden jacket.

Barb presented a picture of the “Peace Garden Flag” a field of daffodils on a blue back ground.  ACE flag is creating the new flag at a cost of $74.00

Motion made by Barb and 2nd by Dona to approve the purchase.  Motion Carried

Barb had a meeting with Holly Dougherty, Designer and Architect regarding the 3rd phase of the Peace Garden to connect to the now existing Ellicott Trail. The future plan is to eventually connect the Memory Garden walkway to the Ellicott Trail.  The city of Batavia owns 400’ and the Town of Batavia owns 440’ to connect to the trail along the Tonawanda Creek.

Carol, Treasurer has asked it members could help with the pickup of items for the hotdog sales on Friday.  The following will take of purchasing the following:


            Louise – soda and condiments

            Paula – rolls

            Carol will contact a member is something need to be purchased for Friday’s hotdog sale.

All purchases must have a receipt, signed and turned into the treasure, during the hotdog season at the end of the day; Louise will pay each person the amount of their receipt.  She will then sign it paid.  These receipts will be kept in a file and be coordinated with the deposit.

This will also be a great help for the Grant Writers.

Barb and Carol went to Amherst to pick up Shalen hotdogs 29 packages at $8.83 per package.

Each year we will contact them and hopefully get enough for the whole year and at a better price.


Carol suggested she contact Peg Patterson to help Carol and Paula work on grants. 

They will need our financial status plus other information from the treasurer.  The one item that we need in the garden is interpretative panels so that when we have visitors in the garden they can read about how this garden was formed and why.  Also, to get a grant to help with the memory garden and connect the garden to Ellicott trail.  All this will mean we need to be able to get our accounts in order for the committee to work on the grants.

Carolyn has picked up receipts and bank statements from Carol and is working on putting them in month and by year.  Diana volunteered to help.  Thank you both.  This will help Carol greatly.

As of today, everything bought and sold must be recorded.  Each deposit labeled.  In order to get paid for a purchase after approval of the committee, a signed receipt and what was purchased turned over to the treasure for payment.

Chapin Manufacturing:

They donated two Chapin Sprayers to the Peace Garden and a donation of $100.00.  Berneda to send a thank you note care of Scott Fisher  Also a thank you to Art Nicometo for helping with the light that lights up the flag.

If anyone should see anything that belongs to the Peace Garden, make sure it is secure in the Hut or Shed, if not open, take it home and bring it back later. 

Web-Site, Doc has it up and running.  Thanks for the help at Marchese Computer assistant.

Plaque that was ripped out of the ground for the Japan flag has been ordered.

The Globe needs to be sanded and repainted; Barb will look into finding out what kind of paint is needed.

Video Surveillance sign is being replaced.

Zonta Club will be taking care of their plants in the Garden.

Barb is working on getting prices for the Memory Garden Path, these prices for the Blacktop, Concrete or rubberized material will be used in the Grant, and a start to connect to the Ellicott Trail.

Interpretive Panels also needed in the garden to tell the story of the garden.  The grants will be through Go Art.

We will be contacting BOCES to see if they would be interested in putting a roof on the shed.  We have the steel, need someone to do the work.

Berneda with the help of Carolyn’s daughter-in-law Heather has helped set up an Excel file for the checking account.  We went over the account and corrections will be made.  This will help Carol, as the Excel program does the adding and subtracting automatically, that way all Carol has to do is give the receipts, debits and deposits.  This should help save some time.

A motion was made by Dianna and 2nd by Louise to accept the treasures report.  Motion Carried.

We are asking that anything that is bought for the Peace Garden there must be a receipt and signed and what it is for and any large item must be approved by the committee before purchase.

Paula, Barb and Carol toured the Perry Master Gardner’s from Silver Lake of the Peace Garden and explained how we got started.  Their presentation was well received.  They want to create a program like ours and become part of the Peace Garden Trail through New York State.

Webster Master Gardner’s were treated to an IPG Power Point at the HLOM and they also want to model their garden after our garden, which will be along Lake Ontario.

They visiting Gardner’s were overwhelmed at what we have done and thanks to Paula, Barb and Carol for their time and love of the garden.

Paula’s goal is to rebrand the Peace Garden Trail and the War of 1812 through New York State.

Paula explained that the new engravers has made glasses from wine bottles, we need to get a price and those who wish to purchase, payment will be paid in advance.  Plan to sell to the public as fund raiser.  Price per glass is approximately $8, we would have to sell for $15 each.  Motion made by Carol and 2nd by Dianna to purchase one dozen.

Jackets: we have two left.  Erica purchased one, she paid $30 and will pay the $25 later.


Those who want a new T-Shirt let Barb know, w have orders for 3.

1 Med –Dianna,

1 XXL Erica and

1 XXL for Carol.

Reminder Valu Hotdog Sale – Saturday, July 17, 2022 set up 9 am sell from 10am-3pm.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm Motion by Dianna and 2nd by Carolyn. Motion Carried.