Board Minutes ’22-08

Friends of the Batavia Peace Garden

Meeting August 3, 2022

Friends of the Batavia Peace Garden
6:00pm @ Paula Savage, 8 Allenview Dr., Batavia, NY

Barb Toal~  Carol Grasso~ Carolyn Epps~ Paula Savage~ Berneda Scoins~ Dianna Bogue
Meeting called to order by Pres. Barb Toal at 6:05pm

Minutes, a motion by Paula and 2nd by Carolyn to accept as read, motion carried

Dianna gave the treasurers report, motion made by Carolyn and 2nd by Carol to accept the report, motion carried.

                        Dianna phone numbers          585-345-1985 home     716-989-8546 Cell

When purchasing items that are being taxed, we all need to use the Tax Exempt Letter

Secretary will send letters to the Corporate Offices of the following:

            Dollar Tree

            Dollar General

            Home Depot

            Family Dollar

The Elba Drive in event this year, they have asked if we would sell hotdogs, we would love to but there are not enough to do the work, and not sure of just how many people will be there, hard to plan.  We asked to be kept on the list for next year’s event.

Presidents Report – Barb
Application for Environmental and Chore of Engineers, the drawing for Phase III are ready to be presented to the Town of Batavia, City of Batavia and Genesee County.
Barb will see if she can get some milling for the Memory Garden again, our hope is to connect to the Ellicott Trail.
GRANT – Our wish list, to paint the water tank by the Engine house, Interpretive Panels for the garden.  We will contact the College, Go Art to see if someone would stain the picnic tables and re-paint the Hut steps.

Paula did a presentation the Masons in Perry that will be called the Peace Garden Trail.  Barb gave her a history book.

The wine glasses will be$30 for 2.

Bemus Point has blue stone and we are looking at those for the garden walking stones.

Carol has sold a brick and possible tree for in the memory garden.  That will have to be on hold until we get approval from, Town, City and County.

Barb will go and see Don Barone in Pembroke, to see if he can find a civil war figure for the Peace Garden, he will be going down south for the winter months.  Give him something to see if he can find anything in his travels.

Jim Owens, we need to work fast, he is at Premiere Center.  It was reported that Ron Burroughs had a stroke.  The Secretary will send card to both.

VALU, sell hotdogs? A motion was made that we sell hotdogs on September 9th and October 14th, only if Don and Louise are available.  Motion made by Dianna and 2nd, by Carolyn, Motion Carried
Carolyn will contact the manager.

Paula and Barb met with a Travel Writer through the Genesee Co. Chamber; they took her through the history of the IPG and the Peace Garden.  She also toured the Jell-O, HLOM and Oliver’s.

Not sure where she puts her story.

If anyone has ideas that should be relayed to the committee, call Berneda and she will send out an email to the members.

July 19, 2023 is National Hotdog Day.  We have a year to plan, like to invite food trucks, music and lots of advertisement for the event.  This could be held in the Memory Garden area.  There is lots of room for parking and this could be a great event for us and the community…

Carol asked that we take some time to come over to the Crossroads House and see the garden that Cindy Lowder had created.  It is beautiful.  The grant writer Peggy Patterson has moved to Florida, she may be back.  She has told Carol she would help with the grant writing.

Zonta, the roses they supplied to the garden are in bad condition.  The Zonta gave the plants, but don’t want to be responsible for them.  They will replace any that should die.  Looks like we will be caring for the roses for Zonta, and they are in good hands.

Waiting on the plaque for the Japan flag that was ripped out of the ground last winter, it is being replaced.

December 7, 2022 Our Christmas Party at Paula’s at 6pm

Everyone will bring a dish, please contact Paula, she will have a list of what is being made,

Paula, pasta and meatballs; Carol, bread and butter; Dianna, Dessert; Berneda, Vegetable Dish

Carolyn; Erica; Louise Dona; Mary Jo; Ida
A gift exchange will be after dinner.  At least a $10 gift. Guests are invited to came and enjoy the even with us.

Berneda is taking up a collection of cash for Don (Louise don’t tell), I will have the envelope with me, I am asking at least $10 or more if you can, I will get a gift card to Alex’s and thank Don for all he does for the Peace Garden.

Judy Torbell (?) told Carol that she mentioned the garden globe to Carol, and she said that the two brothers in Stafford, one owns the Red Osier and the other a welder, may have some ideas on how to keep it from rusting.  They both are community minded men and may help.

Barb thanked everyone for all the work that we do and we all work together and our love for the garden.  It shows and she is grateful for everyone on the committee.

Last week, the HLOM needed 30 hotdogs to feed the summer history camp, and Ryan was very thankful for having us cook the hotdogs.  Barb also asked if we could put the Peace Garden book in the HLOM, sell for $20 and he keeps $5.  All agreed.

Paula will see if we can participate and get a date of the Italian Fest coming up in the City of Batavia.  Sell tickets on a wine basket, also $100 tree.

Motion to adjourn


Motion by Paula 2nd by Carol, Motion Carried.

Next meeting will be Sept 7, 2022 at 6pm at Paula’s Meeting adjourned at 7:50pm Motion by Dianna and