Board Minutes ’22-06

Notes:  Carolyn, Diana and I will be unavailable to help with hotdogs this Friday.Treasures report: Carol, do you have a report for the minutes?
Minutes: from meeting June 1st.

Peace Garden Minutes

June 1, 2022
Meeting called to order by President Barb Toal at 6:08pm
Prayer: Berneda Scoins


Carol Grasso                Berneda Scoins                        Barb Toal                     Dona TiberioDiana Bogue                Paula Savage                           Louise Wallace            Mary Jo Dumuhosky

Carolyn Epps

Dues Paid:
Doc Mruczek, Paula Savage, Dona Tiberio, Diana Bogue, Louise Wallace, Mary Jo Dumuhoski, Sandy Mean

Motion made by Carolyn 2nd by Louise to accept the minutes of the last meeting.  Motion Carried

Treasures Report, Carol reported $7391.19

Old Business:

Lady Liberty has been placed in the garden; Don Barone will work on getting the torch connected to the electric.

Two suggestions were made for the second concrete slab placed in the garden to the west of the Lady Liberty, they were a wooden statue of Joseph Ellicott or Civil War soldier Drummer.

United Day of Caring:

We had ten volunteers working plus Peace Garden members.  Barb talked to Rachel during the luncheon at the HLOM about having the Water Tank on the West side of the Engine house painted.  City will power wash the water tank.  The Peace Garden will come up with a design and get approval from the city, and the artist has not yet been hired.  It will take three coats of paint before the mural can be painted.

The new daffodil pins cost was $320.00, motion by Barb and 2nd by Diana to pay the bill.  We will sell them for $3.00 each.  Motion carried

Barb has put together a new power point.  It will be available to all members who would like to do a talk on the Peace Garden or an organization that would like to see it.

Two new stones were placed in the garden, one for Auntie Bell and one for the Strollo Family.

The surveillance sign will be replaced.  The original was ripped off sometime this past year.

Looking to repaint the globe, Barb will contact Rob Barone as to what we should do to keep it from rusting.  Also, discussed was a sign “Do not climb on Globe”

Barb was meeting Holley Dougherty to discuss Phase III of the garden, Saturday at 3:00pm

Ace Flag has our new flag design ready.  It will have American Flag and our Logo on the other.

Statue of Liberty:  She was placed in the garden May 30th, Don Barone who we bought the statue from joined us in the garden for the dedication, Ken Barrett paid for the statue.  The Daily News reported the event in the Daily News.  Good PR.

Thank you, letters,

            Ken Barrett – supporting the PG by paying for the Liberty Statue

            Value, Jerome – Community Days

            Home Depot, Tim – replacing mulch

            Delre Garden – Larry – for all the bulbs

Secretary to send thank you letters.

Food Permit:

The permit will be in the shed on a clip inside if full view.  The food permit must be updated yearly and visible to the public and health department.

Carol finally got the permit and spent several hours with the health department and our accountant to get all the paperwork needed.  Thank you, Carol.

Old Hippies:

Carol and Paula secured a grant, and the Old Hippies gained a substantial amount of money with their help.  No compensation was given to the Peace Garden from the Old Hippie Group.  A motion was made by Paula and 2nd by Mary Jo that Paula call the Old Hippies and decline selling hotdogs at the Jackson Square June 17, 2022, motion carried

Barb will contact Sahlen Hotdogs CEO and see if we can buy bulk at a lower cost.  Berneda to write a letter on our letter head asking to buy 29-3lb packages.

July 16, 2022 – Reminder, Community Days at Valu, we will sell hotdogs from 10:00am to 3:00pm. There is a signup sheet in the shed.  Will meet at the Hut at 9:00am to load up and then set up at Valu.

There is also a weekly signup sheet to help sell hotdogs on Friday’s.  Please check the list and sign in when you can help.  Thanks to all who have helped so far, been a great team to work with.  We rock!

Bank Statements and Receipts:  Carol will give them to Carolyn. Carolyn, Barb, and Berneda will sort and put them together, we need to have this incase we have to do a grant or if the government comes and wants to see our accounts.  This will be a winter project.

Grant:  Paula would like to peruse a grant for Interpreted Panels for the Garden and to paint the water tower.  The grants through Go Art will open in September.  Thanks Paula and Carol for this undertaking project.

Jim Owens wants to put something in the Garden in memory of his sister Kathy, who would come and pull weeds and trim, she was never a member but loved the garden.  Ideas welcome.

Webster Garden Club, has called Paula, they want to model their peace garden after the Batavia Peace Garden.  Conesus Lake the club wants to build a Peace Garden and be connected to the IPG and the Trail.

We have a new engraver who lives in Westport and is doing a great job and the price is reasonable.

The city of Batavia is promoting Italian Day in the City instead of Christmas in the City.  Looking to see if we can sell items or take chance on baskets.  We have Quilts, Military Flowerpot People, Christmas tree with $1 dollar bills totaling $100.00 and we are sure we can come up with more items to sell.

We need to replace the Plaque that was taken from the Japan flag.

We will contact Ryan, to see if they are going to do an Antique Show? Haven’t done one in several years due to Covid.

Barb will work on the Walkway in Phase II, may not happen right away.

Electric in Garden:  Need a plan for the lights in the garden at Christmas time, cannot all be on the same line.  We must run separate extension cords per 3 or 4 trees in order the whole garden can be lit up.  We may not be able to put up as many as last year.  Sometimes, Simple is Beautiful.

We’ll make it beautiful.  The Menorah may not make it to the garden this year.  (Under construction)

There is a water faucet on the east side of the HLOM or in the back of the museum.  It would be too costly to have a water line run to the middle of the garden.

Thank you, Paula, for hosting the meeting at your home.

Motion made by Mary Jo and 2nd by Barb to adjourn

Motion Carried

Adjourned at 7:45pm

Respectfully Scoins, Secretary