About Us

IMG_9224Visit the Beautiful Batavia Peace Garden located on the Banks of Tonawanda Creek  and occupies a site 11,000 sq ft 350′ long by 25′ X 30′ You will find this comfortable spot on West Main Street, Batavia, New York 14020.

Tours are available by appointment and interpretive panels, in English are placed throughout the garden.

Here you will also see a memory/celebration walk, a monument of Paulo Busti who was responsible for the settlement of the area, a military monument with a globe of the world and a design of a mill stone are included to honor the placement of the early settlement.  Several benches for a peaceful safe place to relax right at the crossroads of western New York. There are 21 flags flying that represent each country that has a garden and a three sided information kioas to announce community events.

The garden is adjacent to The Holland Land Office Museum and nearby famous Olivers Chocolate Candies. A Planned Mural is in the process of installation on the East End of the garden. 

Visit us to enjoy all the beautiful flowers from tulips, daffodils, intermixed w/catmint, coral bells, black eyed Susan’s, autumn joy’s Sedum, red-twig dogwood, little princess swirls, lilacs, butterfly bushes, iris and many many more.

If you have suggestion on this web site and contact, please let us know: 

Questions not answered here can be directed thru   info@bataviapeacegarden.com  and will be answered by one of our volunteer representatives.