2016 President Report

APRIL: Placement of 252 Blue Pinwheels in the Peace Garden for Child  Abuse Awareness in the GLOW area. Each pinwheel represented a child during Crime Victims Week.  The display was beautiful and remarkable brilliant.  A multi colored ribbon wa placed on the Fence in the Garden to bring awareness to all forms of domestic violence within the GLOW Region.

MAY; Blooming artist contest for local school children featuring a “Coloring Contest” themed a view of the Peace Garden.
Annual Flag Raising went off without a glitch.
Pasta dinner was a great success.  Thank you everyone who worked so hard on it.
The “Day of Caring” found the Tompkins Insurance Company doing a fantastic job cleaning up  the guarden with other volunteers.
Memorial Day was fun and a great kick off for the summer.PG Mark Gutman (11)

JUNE, JULY, SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER: Model T day hosted in the garden.
We held our first annual Fishing Derby, which was immensely successful and fun.
Every Friday from June through September we had hot dog sales at the Hut in the Holland Land Office Parking Lot.  We acquired the hut through the Genesee County Chamber of Commerce.  They were relocating their building and no longer needed it. We sold many hot dogs, candy bars, and drinks while promoting upcoming events.
We finalized the flaq pole and its plaque for the Native American Flag.
The website is online and looking good thanks to Web Master Doc.  The Muriel on the Engine House is complets and is very beautiful, visual and basically a large attraction on Main Street.
New signs went up on the hut, Route 98 (by the footbridge) and Oak Street with the Peace Garden Logo on it.
Approximately 20 thousand vehicles pass by the Garden every day.  The medallion on the front of the shed is almost finished. We acquired two beautiful benches for the Memory Grove as a donation.  The garden was visited by any new and unexpected people who were playing Pokemon Go.  All the benches that needed to be varnished were completed.  Baard and Carol power washed them and Cindy (our community service gal) varnished them.  Cindy also painted the hut red and white.

NOVEMBER: The Peace Garden was on TV and radio several times throughout the year promoting our current and upcoming events. The Irrera Brothers Concert and Colleen Marcello was a huge success along with a reception at the Dibble Center after the Concert

DECEMBER: Our Annual Christmas Party was held at the Dibble Center at which time we presented a globe with a plaque on it naming Michael Tomaszewski as an Ambassador of the Peace Garden.  Christmas lights and wraths adorned the Garden through the Holidays.

FINAL THOUGHTS FOR 2016:  I have been blessed with a fantastic committee and am extremely grateful.  Thanks to everyone the Garden is growing strong; strong, meaning not only with the beautiful and foliage but

Ellen L. Bachorski, President

strong in character, love and compassion through the efforts of you all,  “The Friends of the Batavia Peace Garden”. The foundation is laid, creating pleasure and enjoyment for everyone who enters.
It reflects on all who tend to it, shining with beauty, representing peace and love.
Thank you to all for the hard work and dedication you supplied!!  Creating a successful year for the Peace Garden!

Ellen L. Bachorski, President
Friends of the Batavia Peace Garden

Questions not answered here can be directed thru   info@bataviapeacegarden.com  and will be answered by one of our volunteer representatives.